Exchange program

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"Youth Exchange program is a program that provides a platform for youth to develop and explore themselves by visiting another country. The purpose of this program is to increase the capability of the youth to be ready for every situation in nowadays era, especially globalization and modernization. In this program, all participants from different country will have the chance to interact with each other and share about their own culture and background. This is very important to create a wider friendship since in nowadays world we should build relationship from various type and background of people. The wider relationship is support by the borderless era in our nowadays world. There are several activities that we provide in this program to support the goals, such as cultural visit, paper presentation, discussion, sharing, seminar, empowerments and any others. This activity will improve the soft skill of the participants. Also we always create a various themes of our exchange program to uphold every situation that happened in our world. The themes are social, economy, culture and politics. By those themes we hope it could build a critical thinking for the participants as the next leaders of the world."


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