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About Us

    IYCMS (Indonesia Youth Changes Makers Society) are a non-governmental organization that is engaged in social and youth development, both from Indonesia and from all over the world. We are committed to serving and contributing to the creation of a strong Indonesian nation that is able to compete in the global era.

     We want to invite all youth who are the hope of the nation to use their capacity to contribute together and provide new hope that can bring change for a better world in the future. These young people are expected to be able to produce ideas and creativity that can provide changes in national and international scope.

Our Vision

Be a Change Makers for a better future.

Our Mission

#1 Increase and develop young people’s potential by encouraging creative and innovative ideas that will benefit young people around the world;

#2 Playing an active role in empowering remote areas in the country to have competitive capacity in the global era;

#3 Doing an empowerment of people in domestic and overseas through the spirit of togetherness and diversity;

#4 Become the pioneer in the development of Indonesian and international youth.benefit young people around the world;

#5 Implementing the values of Pancasila as the basis of the Indonesian and at the same time to tell the whole world that Indonesia is a great and strong country also very diverse.

Big Team

Bagus Rifky Maulana Putra

As Head & Project Leader

Annisa Prasasti Ramadhaningtyas

As Finance

Content Strategic Div.

Diani Amadea Sanjaya

As Head of CS Division

Agung Ayu Kusuma Wulandari

As Research and Copywriting

Arum Dyah Rinjani

As Research and Translator

Public Network Div.

Aditya Bagus Rivaldi

As Head of PN Division

Media & Information Div.

Sapto Hadi Maulidyanto

As Head of MI Division

Purnama Putri Fadili

As Admin of Social Media

Achmad Jaka Dwena Putra

As Web and Graphic Design

Rukmin Ulfa Ayu Lestari

As IT Support


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